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Kia Sportage "WARN" brand automatic mechanical hub (4x4)

The following is from Amazon: 


........You will need a spanner wrench and snap-ring pliers to do the job. 

The person replaced the hubs without removing the wheels by removing the hub caps. 

It took him about an hour to do both. 

.....The new automatic mechanical locking hubs came with detailed instructions including pictures. The instructions show the two types of OEM hubs that can be present (vacuum or mechanical), how to remove the old parts and install the new parts, and how to disconnect the electrical connector from the vacuum solenoid when replacing vacuum hubs, since the vacuum is no longer needed. 

To disengage the automatic mechanical hubs the vehicle needs to be backed up about five feet after it is put back into two wheel drive.


Jong Bhak's personal Kia Sportage site.