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Sportage AL 2000 ex fuel filter replacement method by Alex

스포티지 구형 2000 년식 연료필터 교체하는 법:

(연료필터는 바테리 바로 밑에 있음.)


The fuel filter is bolted to the frame rail below right of the battery. It is cylinder shaped and has a fuel line at each end.

절차: Procedure for removing it:

1) Find the fuel tank access plate under the rear seat. With the engine idling disconnect the fuel pump wiring harness and let the engine stall. This relieves the fuel pressure. 

2) The lines on the fuel filter itself are "quick connect" fittings. Depress the tabs on the fuel line and push TOWARDS the filter. The line should pop off. It's difficult to depress the tabs and you CAN use a pair of pliers but be careful or you'll damage the fitting.

3) Reverse to install new filter. Reconnect fuel pump, start the engine, and check for leaks.


You may not need to change the spark plugs

Clear the CEL's by disconnecting the battery for about 10 minutes. 

Reconnect and see if the check engine light stays off. If it does you are OK.





Jong Bhak's personal Kia Sportage site.