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스포티지 1995-2003 (오리지날) 연료필터 교체하는 법

Sportage (1995-2003) original version fuel filter replacement


연료필터는 오른쪽 전지 밑에 위치하고 있음.


The fuel filter is located right below the battery to the right. If you intend changing it, here are a few steps to help. Firstly, remove the screw from the metal bracket that is holding the fuel filter. To get the quick connect fuel line fittings off, you need a disconnect tool. I got a pack of 6 at Advance Auto for $12. The small gray one fits the 2001 Sportage. 

Put the plastic tool under the fuel line fitting and squeeze together. The fuel line will pop off the old filter. To remove the rear fuel line, I had to go under the vehicle and use the tool on the fuel line. There is a rubber hose with 2 quick connect fittings. One end attaches to the filter and the other end attaches to a metal fuel line under vehicle. Remove the fitting that attaches to the metal line since there is no room on the back of filter for the tool to fit. Once you get the whole assembly out of the car, you can work on getting the fitting off the rear of the old filter. Be very careful not to damage the plastic quick connect fittings!

Good luck!


Jong Bhak's personal Kia Sportage site.